SOCOM 2: Custom Server Patch
  • SOCOM 2 Server Patch
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    v10 10/20/2020
    - Added majority of r0005 features to r0006.
    v1 9/20/2020
    - Added DNAS bypass and updated DNS server.
    - SOCOM 2 will auto-update when connecting to the server if an update exists
    - Custom rules in briefing rooms (ie: No death camera in CLAN GAMES)
    - Anti-Cheat
    - Custom CIRCLE-Menu options in game (Includes: Map Render Fix, Controller presets, Host Options, etc)
    - Custom Patch Menu (Includes: Brightness adjustment, Lookspeed adjustment, Crosshairs colors, etc)
    - All maps selectable as respawn
    - The host is highlighted green on the scoreboard in game
    - Message feed will highlight any message orange that contains the players name (ie: Player gets a kill or is killed)
    - All locked characters are unlocked
    - Wall sliding is disabled
    - Voice mod is disabled by default
    - Intro videos are skipped
    - Option to disable patch menu is in options menu
    - Reset game volume on round start to resolve the old hearing loss glitch
    - One shot kill detection
    - Current patch version is displayed in the patch menu in game
    HOW TO
    How to load the patch[PS2]: NOTE: This assumes you have downloaded the patch and put it on the root directory of a USB drive.
    1. You will need a way to run homebrew. This is usually done by using a hacked memory card that can run Free McBoot. You can create this card but it is easier to buy one online by searching for (PS2 mcboot card).
    2. With the McBoot card installed start the PS2 by pressing eject so it does not boot the game.
    3. The main PS2 menu will have a new program called uLaunchELF. Scroll to it and press X.
    4. Once uLaunchELF starts close the disc tray.
    5. Navigate to the menu to and select 'mass:/' with the CIRCLE button. (This is your USB drive)
    6. Highlight the patch 'r0006vXXX.elf' and press CIRCLE. The game will boot.

    How to bypass a corrupt or faulty update:
    1. Run the main patch as normal until you are at the SOCOM 2 main menu.
    2. Hold START & SELECT for 5 seconds. Now click ONLINE like normal and the update file on your memory card will be ignored.

    How to access the patch menu:
    1. Press "L1 + X"(precision users) or "L1 + DPAD Down"(sureshot users) to open the menu.
    2. Press "CIRCLE", "TRIANGLE", or click the Close button to close the menu.
    How to load the patch[PCSX2]: NOTE: This assumes you have downloaded the patch.
    1. Run PCSX2.
    2. Select 'System >> Run ELF'.
    3. Browse to where you downloaded the patch and double click.

    Q: How do I load the patch?
    A: By using an ELF loader such as uLaunchELF(check youtube/google). When starting uLaunchELF close the disc tray and browse to the patch. Launch the patch by pressing CIRCLE. You may see a blank screen for a few seconds before you see the SOCOM logo.

    Q: Do I need to load the patch each time?
    A: Yes. Even when an update is downloaded you will need to run the patch in order to connect to the server.

    Q: 2Pac or Biggie?
    A: 2Pac
    - SOCOM 2 Server created by K3rber0s and 1UP
    - r0006 Patch Created by harry62