[SOCOM 2] r0005 Patch
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    UPDATE: r0005v67
    The following has changed:
    v67 5/2/2020
    - Removed kernel cheat detection for performance boost. Regular cheat detection is still active.
    - Added new cheat detection to Regular Patch modes.
    - SGL and Legacy Patch modes are less secure in order to gain performance.
    - Removed "60fps" option in patch menu. This was causing issues with gameplay.
    - NetTickRate Table:
    * Regular Patch & Halo: 30
    * SGL Patch: 5
    * Legacy Patch: 5
    - Patch games now display as "RoomName |PatchVersion" (v67+ only)
    ex: RoomName |v67


    Breakdown of all patch modes: [ 1st character of PASSWORD - Description ]
    ! - Regular patch game [NetTickRate = 30]
    @ - Halo patch game [NetTickRate = 30]
    # - Patch game with password [NetTickRate = 30]
    $ - Legacy patch game. Similar to v65 [NetTickRate = 5]
    % - SGL patch game with password and custom rules for SGL [NetTickRate = 5]

    Features in PATCHED games only:
    - Level 1 & 2 cheat detection
    - All single player maps are playable as RESPAWN
    - Options to choose most maps as day/night.
    - Disabled wall sliding/humping.
    - Overall KDR is displayed in the select menu. This is the totaled KDR since logging in to LAN. Logging out of LAN resets the KDR
    - 552SD indicator distance(red markers around XHAIR) changed to the same distance as M4A1SD.
    - Death camera does not follow killer.
    - Team tags set to 50% transparency.
    - Spectators can see all team tags(SEALs=white, TERR=red)
    - Spectators can see KDR, HEALTH, and SCORE of players. Regular players see KILLS, DEATHS, and SCORE.
    - Select menu in game now displays patch version.
    - Removed explosion camera shake for spectators.
    - Player death camera now looks to the ground on player death.
    - Disabled dead players from rotating camera.

    Features in SGL PATCHED games only:
    - Level 1 cheat detection
    - Modified weapon stats
    - The following weapons have no ammo: IW-80-A2, M14, M60E3, M63A, PMN Mines, Claymores, AT-4, RPG, M203/Grenade Launchers. If you choose a weapon with M203 attachments the gun will still have ammo but will not have M203 ammo.

    Features in LEGACY PATCHED games only:
    - Level 1 cheat detection
    - Same as PATCHED games from patch v65.

    Features in PATCHED games with password:
    - Same as PATCHED games.
    - Players MUST enter the patched game password. [ example password: #123456 ]

    Features in HALO games(includes all PATCHED game features):
    - Lower gravity and higher jumps.
    - Ability to aim while jumping/falling.
    - Faster player movement.
    - All weapons in game.

    Features in REGULAR and PATCHED games:
    - Level 1 cheat detection
    - All patched game features are reversed for regular games.
    - All online characters unlocked (aka the 4th character slot in most cases).
    - Rank icons on LAN!
    - Clan tags on LAN!
    - Choose any map for respawn games.
    - Increased text limits to allow for longer player names due to clan tags.
    - Disabled Voice Modulation by default.
    - Host of game is highlighted green on the scoreboard (select menu) in game.
    - Reset game volume on round start to resolve the old hearing loss glitch.
    - One shot kill detection added for all games.
    - Added FPS counter to patch menu
    - Scoreboard will display the game type (regular, patch, etc)
    - Custom patch menu in game. Access this menu by pressing "L1 + X"(precision users) or "L1 + DPAD Down"(sureshot users)
    - Patch Menu Options: Look speed, crosshair color, brightness, round start position(default: crouching), aspect ratio(4:3 and 16:9).
    - All player PINGs are displayed in the SCOREBOARD
    PCSX2 Pnatch Codes
    Enable Patch Menu Background

    Enable DLC Maps(Last Bastion and Liberation) (REQUIRES modified ISO/disc)

    Example SOCOM 2 PNACH File
    gametitle=SOCOM II - U.S. Navy SEALs (U)(SCUS-97275)

    // ENABLE patch menu background

    // ENABLE DLC Maps

    HOW TO
    How to create a PATCHED room:
    1. Create a password game where the first letter of your password is "!" without the quotation marks.
    (Example Password: !123456789)
    2. Create the rest of the game as normal.
    How to create a PATCHED room with a password:
    1. Create a password game where the first letter of your password is "#" without the quotation marks.
    (Example Password: #123456789)
    2. Create the rest of the game as normal.
    How to create a legacy PATCHED room:
    1. Create a password game where the first letter of your password is "$" without the quotation marks.
    (Example Password: $123456789)
    2. Create the rest of the game as normal.
    How to create a SGL PATCHED room with a password:
    1. Create a password game where the first letter of your password is "%" without the quotation marks.
    (Example Password: %123456789)
    2. Create the rest of the game as normal.
    How to create a HALO room:
    1. Create a password game where the first letter of your password is "@" without the quotation marks.
    (Example Password: @123456789)
    2. Create the rest of the game as normal and make the game respawn.
    How to join a patched room:
    1. Join it as you would a regular game without a password.
    Patched rooms allow players with the patch to bypass the password entry. Regular users will be prompted with a password. If you are prompted with a password box then the room was not created properly for patch players or it was created by regular players.
    How to join a patched room with a password:
    1. Enter the password including the # symbol.
    (Example Password: #123456)
    How to check your patch version:
    1. Hold [SELECT] at the LAN lobby(room listing menu) and the patch version will be displayed.
    Note: Patch version will also display on the main menu at the bottom of the screen.
    How to use a clan tag:
    1. The tag is inserted when creating your name at the login screen for LAN.
    2. Create your name like this: [TAG]name
    Example: [CC]Harry62 The game will separate the clan tag and name when joining a room.
    How to access the patch menu:
    1. Press "L1 + X"(precision users) or "L1 + DPAD Down"(sureshot users) to open the menu.
    2. Press "CIRCLE", "TRIANGLE", or click the Close button to close the menu.
    How to create a game using single player maps:
    1. Set game as RESPAWN.
    2. Set a password to lock out players without the patch as they may freeze when joining.
    3. Select SP maps from map list(they are at the top above day/night maps)
    4. Create game.
    5. Select any character in the armory and choose any weapons. By default terrorists will not display weapons and may spawn in game with only an UZI unless you select weapons beforehand. Make sure your equipment slots do NOT read as NONE or you may freeze.

    * Loading a SP map will disable all MP maps. Logging off or restarting is required to play MP maps AFTER playing a SP map. If you try to play a MP map after playing a SP map SOCOM will auto-restart. This also applies if you mix in MP with SP maps.
    * Terrorist character models do not show up.
    * Initial spawn will have players spawning on top of each other.
    * You can traverse the entire SP map.
    * Respawn points are placed near what I consider the core of the map. You may respawn on top of someone as regular respawn logic does not apply.
    * Do NOT shoot exploding barrels. It will despawn the map for everyone in game.
    * The in-game armory is not perfect and will freeze on occasion.

    Rank icons are based on KDR:
    < 0.2:1 = Ensign
    >= 0.2:1 = Lieutenant
    >= 0.5:1 = Lieutenant Commander
    >= 1.2:1 = Captain
    >= 3:1 = Admiral

    NOTE: KDR is based on rank if using 1UPs' S2 GameStats app. Link at the top of the page.
    Q: How do I load the patch?
    A: By using an ELF loader such as uLaunchELF(check youtube/google). When starting uLaunchELF close the disc tray and browse to the patch. Launch the patch by pressing CIRCLE. You may see a blank screen for a few seconds before you see the SOCOM logo.

    Q: Do patched players have an advantage?
    A: No. Patch players will default to non-patch rules when playing a regular game. The only patch features they will have in regular games are listed above in the "FEATURES" section.

    Q: Can regular players use the patch features in a patched game?
    A: No. In order to have patch features you must have the patch and join/create a patched game.

    Q: Does cheat detection work in regular games?
    A: Yes, but only for patch users.

    Q: What is Level 1 & 2 cheat detection?
    A: Level 1 is a legacy cheat detection included in all patch revisions. Level 2 is stronger variation of Level 1 that only runs in REGULAR PATCH games.

    Q: Can I use an older version of the patch with the newest version?
    A: Yes, but only in regular games. You can NOT join a patch game created by someone using a newer version of the patch.

    Q: How do I create a patched game?
    A: Create a game with a password. The password MUST start with the ! symbol followed by any characters you want. Example password: "!12345". Players using the patch will join the game automatically while regular users will be prompted with a password.

    Q: Can I still join regular games?
    A: Yes and regular players can still join your game if you create a non-password game or a password game where the password does NOT begin with the "!" symbol.

    Q: What is the net tick rate?
    A: It is the # of times per second players update their player data(position, look direction, animation, etc). The default net tick is 5 so players update their position 5 times per second. In patch games players update more often. This results in more accurate movement and better hit detection.

    Q: Why does my framerate drop to 30 or lower when using 60FPS?
    A: SOCOM 2 will lower the framerate depending on how much processing power is needed. For example, 16 players throwing grenades will drastically lower the framerate.

    Q: Does the framerate effect the tick rate?
    A: No. Framerate is the # of times per second the game refreshes for the individual player. The tick rate is the # of times per second the individual player updates their data(position, look direction, etc) to other players.

    Q: Can I use the DLC/HDD maps with the patch?
    A: Yes and no. Last Bastion and Liberation will work using a modified ISO containing the raw map files. AfterHours will not work. Read the "PCSX2 Pnatch Codes" notes above in order to enable the maps. This is for PCSX2 only.

    Q: 2Pac or Biggie?
    A: 2Pac
    Known issue and solution
    Custom maps showing up as regular maps for everyone excluding host. 
    ex: aban_day, crossroads, cross_night, frostfire, frost_day, etc.

    Solution: Create patch games with either custom maps or regular maps, not both.
    - r0005 Patch Created by Harry62
    - Various code found by 1UP, TheDominator, Linblow, and Renegade
    - Host function corrected by Linblow
    - DLC maps made playable via method discovered by TewSlo
    - Special Thanks to SP193,KrHACKen,Gtlcpimp32