[SOCOM CA] CA15 Patch
  • CA15 v1.0 Patch DOWNLOAD
    UPDATE: CA15 v1.0
    The following has changed:
    v1.0 3/11/2020
    - Corrected loading issue.
    - Host is highlighted green in the scoreboard.
    v0.9 3/5/2020
    - Added patch games. Create a patch game by making a password that starts with "!". (ex: !12345)
    - Patch games have a NetTickRate of 30.
    - Added LAN ranks and clan tags.
    - Player name is highlighted yellow in scoreboard.
    - SOCOM boots directly to LAN (Credit: TheDominator)

    Features in PATCHED games only:
    - NetTickRate = 30
    Features in REGULAR and PATCHED games:
    - Ranks on LAN based on player KDR.
    - Clan tags.
    - Player name is highlighted yellow in scoreboard.
    - SOCOM boots directly to LAN
    - Host is highlighted green in the scoreboard.
    HOW TO
    How to create a PATCHED room:
    1. Create a password game where the first letter of your password is "!" without the quotation marks.
    (Example Password: !123456789)
    2. Create the rest of the game as normal.
    How to join a patched room:
    1. Join it as you would a regular game without a password.
    How to use a clan tag:
    1. The tag is inserted when creating your name at the login screen for LAN.
    2. Create your name like this: [TAG]name
    Example: [CC]Harry62
    Rank icons are based on KDR:
    < 0.2:1 = Ensign
    >= 0.2:1 = Lieutenant
    >= 0.5:1 = Lieutenant Commander
    >= 1.2:1 = Captain
    >= 3:1 = Admiral
    Q: How do I load the patch?
    A: By using an ELF loader such as uLaunchELF(check youtube/google). When starting uLaunchELF close the disc tray and browse to the patch. Launch the patch by pressing CIRCLE. You may see a blank screen for a few seconds before you see the SOCOM logo.

    Q: Do patched players have an advantage?
    A: No. Patch players will default to non-patch rules when playing a regular game. The only patch features they will have in regular games are listed above in the "FEATURES" section.

    Q: Can regular players use the patch features in a patched game?
    A: No. In order to have patch features you must have the patch and join/create a patched game.

    Q: Can I use an older version of the patch with the newest version?
    A: Yes, but only in regular games. You can NOT join a patch game created by someone using a newer version of the patch.

    Q: How do I create a patched game?
    A: Create a game with a password. The password MUST start with the ! symbol followed by any characters you want. Example password: "!12345". Players using the patch will join the game automatically while regular users will be prompted with a password.

    Q: Can I still join regular games?
    A: Yes and regular players can still join your game if you create a non-password game or a password game where the password does NOT begin with the "!" symbol.

    Q: What is the net tick rate?
    A: It is the # of times per second players update their player data(position, look direction, animation, etc). The default net tick is 5 so players update their position 5 times per second. In patch games players update 30 times per second. This results in more accurate movement.
    - CA15 Patch Created by Harry62
    - Various code found by 1UP, TheDominator, and Linblow